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Four of the biggest PS4 blockbusters are on sale for $20, but only for today

Finish this console generation with a bang.

A screencap of the main character from the game Death Stranding.
Death Stranding

You have one last chance to catch up on all the best the PS4 had to offer before the PlayStation 5 sucks up all the air in the room. Today only, various must-play AAA titles including Death Stranding, Nioh, Days Gone, and Dreams are available for just $20. That's for physical copies. Yeah, it's a steal.

Death Stranding is a bizarre game where you drink Monster energy drinks, gestate a child, play Jenga, and deliver FedEx packages. It’s the latest masterpiece from Hideo Kojima and you absolutely need to own it. This title is proof that games can be art.

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Although it is the second game in the series, Nioh 2 is in fact a sequel to the original title. This action-adventure RPG puts you in control of a half-human, half-supernatural samurai that it will physically pain you to stop playing as. The combat system is diverse and complex and addicting in the best way. Trust us on this: It’s a blast.

Days Gone is an open-world action-adventure game starring two brothers and set in the wilderness following a global pandemic. Sound familiar? Throw some zombies at our current reality and it makes for a surprising fun quarantine escape, if you can believe it.

Dreams is less of a game and more of an engine for making games (think Mario Maker but for games that may not star a Japanese-Italian plumber) and a pass to access the world of content users have published using it. Some of these range from one-to-one recreations of classic gaming titles to original art experiences. It’s worth it for the sheer what-the-fuck factor alone.