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For only $13, this neon-tinged game will help you forget 'Cyberpunk 2077' is delayed

'The Fifth Element' meets 'Bladerunner' in this peaceful game that'll scratch your itch for social interactions in a beautiful, neon, future-scape.

Look, Cyberpunk 2077 might have been delayed (again), and you may be enraged about it, but that's all the more reason to jump on this killer deal Steam's offering on another title that promises to immerse you in a moody, sodden, neon-tinged future-scape. In Cloudpunk, you're not fighting nefarious characters... you're helping deliver their packages, while also exploring the sprawling playground of Nivalis they call home.

Originally $19.99, Steam's slashed the price of this down to $13.39 for one day so — chop-chop! — what are you waiting for?

The illusion of normality — The name of the game is deliveries, but you're no New York bike messenger or a disillusioned DoorDasher. Oh no, you're one of Cloudpunk's fearless drivers. Your vehicle's called a HOVA, and it does exactly that. Think Corbin Dallas's yellow taxi cab in The Fifth Element. You'll explore everything from the sidewalks to the tops of the spires that pierce the interminable clouds.

Then, there are the package recipients... they're not always sent to lazy humans. Sometimes the packages in your care need to find their way to Androids or disembodied AIs. But there's something that all the recipients have in common: they all have deeply complex lives (or virtual lives), and as you interact with them, more of the overarching narrative is gradually revealed. Figuring out what's going on little by little is enthralling and soothing... but don't you dare forget about those packages. They're not going to deliver themselves!

A beautiful distraction — If you're looking for gun battles, explosions, or boss fights, you're going to have to wait for Cyberpunk 2077. But if you want to decorate a futuristic apartment, enjoy cruising around a beautiful cityscape in a flying car (that handles as smoothly as you'd expect an airborne automobile would), and get engrossed in the trials, travails, and triumphs of fascinating strangers, Cloudpunk will deliver in spades.

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