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For one week only, you can buy Everything on Steam for $2.99

Not “everything,” but 'Everything.'

A photo of various objects, animals, plants, and more swirling in the sky.
David OReilly

Everything is a game about being, well, everything. Created by David OReilly, an Irish artist previously known for his animations from the film Her and a previous game called Mountain (about being, well, a mountain), Everything is one of the most lavishly praised experiences you can obtain for less than $3.

In the game, you play as everything, from the smallest molecules to the largest galaxies. Along the way, you have what can only be described as transcendent experiences. There is much to discover about our real world via the digital echo contained in the game — and it can only be found by becoming a school of fish, a small rock, or a solar system, and you won’t know it until you are it.

This deal is not for PS4, but the trailer is too good not to include.

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Heavily influenced by the work of philosopher Alan Watts, the game is less about a linear narrative or plot and more about the fundamental nature of consciousness and what that means for everything around it. You may not be a religious gamer, but Everything will at least make you a philosophical one.

Is Everything an art piece? A spiritual statement? A call to arms? It is all of these and none of these, which is kind of the point. Do yourself a favor and go be everything.