‘First Class Trouble’ is coming to PS5

The intercontinental equivalent to Among Us will be making its way to consoles soon.

A screenshot of First Class Trouble

During the last year, it seemed the whole world was playing Among Us. A combination of factors that included nationwide lockdowns created the perfect storm for the social deduction party game to suddenly thrive despite releasing in 2018. Naturally, it wasn’t going to take long for the format to be emulated. This past April, a retro-futuristic equivalent called First Class Trouble was released for PC. And, as announced today, the game will be making its way to consoles — both Playstation 4 and 5.

The aesthetic of First Class Trouble bears some resemblance to Bioshock in that the technology is advanced — the game takes place in space, aboard a luxury space cruiser, but the wardrobes and music are an ode to the past — everyone is decked out in suits, while ‘50s jazz accompanies the gameplay. According to the news release, the game is supposed to take place during an alternative 1950s timeline.

As opposed to a player cast that can range from 4-15 in Among Us, First Class Trouble is more confined, sticking to a six-person crew. To begin each game four people are selected to be residents who are tasked with shutting down a rogue AI that is compromising the spaceship. Meanwhile, the other two become personoids, who try to sabotage the group.

The console version of First Class Trouble has some specific features that harness the PS5 controller’s haptic feedback. All of the chaotic actions that take place in the game will be felt and heard. Spraying a fire extinguisher? The controller will rumble and emit audio. Using a water pistol? There will be resistance as you pull the trigger that only stops once you squeeze past the trigger point. Intensity from these situations will also depend on your proximity to them.

What does the future hold for social deduction games? It’s hard to tell exactly. When the battle royale format was all the rage we really saw an arms race between Fortnite and PUBG that ended with the former establishing its own cinematic universe, regardless of how tone deaf it could occasionally be. After the explosion of popularity with Among Us, the caravan has moved on, with the game not reaching the same benchmarks it was hitting on Twitch around its peak late last year. First Class Trouble already feels a little late, in terms of capitalizing off the format, but the game does look fun nonetheless.