‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ on PC has major graphics issues but costs $70

Gamers are downloading mods to try to solve the problem.

Square Enix

PC gamers looking to enjoy Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 7 Remake may have a hard time doing so. According to multiple reports, the game has limited graphics options, stuttering and major frame drops even on high-end GPUs like NVIDIA’s 3090.

Gamers are frustrated because of the limited graphics options, poor visuals and steep price. Oh, and you have to buy the PC version through the Epic Games Store — it’s only available there, for now. The PC port lacks graphics options to adjust settings such as anti-aliasing, VSync or resolution scaling.

More money, fewer options — Such features are commonplace for AAA games, leading some to believe that the PC port is lackluster and underwhelming for its steep price tag of $70. This makes the PC version of FF7 Remake the most expensive version of the game available, even though it runs better on consoles like the PS4, where the game is cheaper.

“Some are calling it one of the worst PC ports seen in a long time.”

Console dominance — The FF7 Remake is a smooth experience on consoles, where dynamic resolution scaling allows the game to intelligently lower the resolution to retain the same frame rate during fast-paced battles. But this feature has been forced upon the PC port, and some gamers believe it’s the reason behind their graphics issues. A third-party developer has already released a mod for the game that allows players to turn off dynamic resolution scaling on PC.

Sparse offerings for PC players.Ars Technica

PC Gamer has pointed out that the PC version of Final Fantasy 15, released back in 2018, has substantially more graphics options than this FF7 Remake port.

Port problems — Gaming YouTuber YongYea blamed FF7 publisher Square Enix as a whole in a recent video, which already has over a quarter million views. “PC ports can be something of a hit or miss, especially for Square Enix whose more recent releases like Chrono Trigger, older Final Fantasy titles’ ports and NieR: Automata ports on PC have been pretty rough and less than ideal.”

On the PC version of the FF7 Remake, YongYea has some choice words. “Some are calling it one of the worst PC ports seen in a long time,” he said.