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God awful Fast & Furious game will be tragically delisted this April

Dominic Toretto will live forever in the hearts of car-loving Americans, but Fast & Furious Crossroads will not.

There are a few constants in life: taxes, death and — of course — family. Unfortunately, while we all know and agree that Fast & Furious is the best film franchise to explore that particular theme, it seems that the series' official video game will soon disappear into the rearview. Fast & Furious: Crossroads, which first launched in August 2020, will be delisted from digital stores on April 29, 2022.

Games are removed from sale from online stores all the time — especially licensed games — but it is rather unusual for a title to fade away less than two years after it first released. While it's likely that the Fast & Furious name comes with a pretty hefty price tag, the fact that Crossroads received negative reviews from both critics and players alike probably hastened its demise. Also, according to How Long to Beat, it's less than five hours long, despite costing $40.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Indeed, the game's top Steam reviews are quite scathing. "Literally the worst PC game I've ever played," one reads. "Zero optimization or controls were ported to PC… Zero ability to change keybinds." Another simply declares: "Driving in Fortnite is more entertaining." Harsh words, indeed.

The good news for the dozens (dozens!) of hardcore Crossroads fans out there is that the game will still be downloadable and fully playable, and the servers will remain on, too. You'll also be able to use any DLC you've purchased, which we hope was worth it. If you were hoping to get some good races in in the game's multiplayer mode, we have some bad news: according to Steamcharts, it's had a peak of three - yes, you read that correctly - concurrent players in the past 30 days. You'll have to provide your own friends for this one. In all seriousness, we suggest you check out Trackmania instead. Or perhaps, you know, a Fast films marathon.