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The most epic — and sexiest — RPG of all time is just $10 right now

How long can a sprawling, nudity-filled gaming franchise be stretched out? At least six years, if this 80% discount on Steam has its way.

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When you think about an 80 percent discount, the mind gravitates toward an image of a retailer on the brink of closure with liquidation signs plastered across its store windows. But why not instead direct yourself toward the 2015 game of the year and critical darling, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt? From now until May 27, the beloved title is 80 percent off.

The Witcher franchise was developed by CD Projekt Red, known for its immersive, world-building action RPGs like the polarizing Cyberpunk 2077, and is one of the most popular games of all time, having sold over 30 million copies. Right now you can add to that staggering total by copping either the standard or Game of the Year Edition on Steam for $7.99 or $9.99 respectively.

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In Wild Hunt, you explore a beautiful and often nightmarish world through the eyes of the brooding and stoic Geralt of Rivia, otherwise known as a Witcher. Although the combat system is a little wonky at first, once you get acclimated it becomes easy to sink hours into the game. The whole world is dynamic, with enemies gaining strength based on the day-night cycle. What separates Witcher III from similar action RPGs is the sheer depth of outcomes based on player choices, which feel like unique, lived-in experiences.

Securing the Game of the Year Edition will give you access to both the Heart of Stone and Blood & Wine expansions, all additional content released thus far, and the latest technical and visual updates.

My only word of advice would be to start off on the medium difficulty. Don't jump into death march straight out the gate unless you enjoy a sadistic gaming approach.