Fan art

Someone made 'Elden Ring' in 'Dreams,' and it looks pretty damn good

An artist at Media Molecule recreated an iconic image from Elden Ring in Dreams, and a video shows off the process.

At this point, we know that you can make some pretty cool stuff in Media Molecule's game creation platform Dreams, but the experts are still finding ways to surprise us. Artist Martin Nebelong not only crafted a striking scene inspired by Elden Ring, he put together a video showing how he did it, too.

The interactive panorama is based on a now-iconic still image from one of the early trailers for Elden Ring. The resemblance to the real game is quite striking, especially in the color balance and mist effects.

Nebelong said that the project took about five hours from start to finish, and that it uses many elements from an asset library that he's created from other Dreams pieces. He estimated that it would've taken him about ten times longer to create the scene in a traditional 3D graphics program. Nebelong has also crafted fanart for other games using the platform, most recently Horizon Forbidden West.

Since the release of Elden Ring in late February, many pieces of fanart have cropped up on social media. While there are many great pieces, this one featuring dog-man Blaidd is my personal favorite:

If you’re curious if Elden Ring is worth playing, the answer is an emphatic yes. If you’re just starting your playthrough, check out our tips for beginners: you’re probably going to need them.