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You can now endure the pain of 'Elden Ring' as Darth Vader

Modders have created a custom skin that imports the iconic Sith lord into the sprawling RPG.

The Darth Vadar Elden Ring mod
Nexus Mods

Jaw-dropping mods and AAA gaming titles, specifically the kinds of games that involve vast worlds to explore, have historically been a match made in heaven. Since the release of Elden Ring at the end of February, the community around the highly anticipated game has already produced both absurd game runs and mods that allow an added level of control over what can sometimes feel like an inevitable road to destruction.

A new cosmetic mod that allows players to assume the likeness of Darth Vader adds some levity to the Elden Ring experience and arrives just in time for Star Wars day.

Modders drs32 and Xelerate were able to bring the most well-known Sith lord into the game by replacing the existing Confessor Set armor with Vader’s all-black garb. You can download the armor set through Nexusmods, but to complete the outfit, you’ll have to get a separate lightsaber mod, which was also created by Xelerate.

What’s a mod without some test footage right? Thankfully someone already took the liberty to duke it out against Godrick The Grafted with the full Darth Vader kit equipped, which, taken out of context, is truly a bizarre sight to behold:

A couple of caveats — Aside from an easy-to-follow set of instructions that are included in the download page, interested parties will have to switch their games to offline mode. This mod is also only available to PC users, so console players will be out of luck.

The inclusion of Darth Vader into the Elden Ring ecosystem is also just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the game’s modding community. Some of the tweaks to the game have even involved external accessories like this Fisher Price Xbox controller being turned into a legitimate way to play the game. There is even a Game Boy demake version in the works, which I would imagine will take some time to complete.

You can tell a game is setting the world on fire when the content mill that surrounds it is constantly evolving. You can also tell a game will be around for the long haul when there are already rumblings about other media properties like TV shows and films based on its IP.

So far it looks like Elden Ring is not going anywhere for the foreseeable future.