Capcom's mysterious clock teaser has Resident Evil fans on high alert

A countdown could also herald in the anticipated Street Fighter 6.

A screenshot of Resident Evil 2

Capcom decided to show some love for its fans this Valentine's Day by unveiling a teaser website with a very fancy-looking countdown clock.

It's not really clear what Capcom is hyping here, but the clock will stop at 1 a.m. EST on Monday, February 19 / 10 p.m. PST on Sunday.

Welcome to the big time — It didn't take long for fighting game fans to note that the company's Pro Tour Season Final event is scheduled to conclude on Sunday, which has led some to think that this will be some sort of Street Fighter-related announcement. Given that it's been over five years since Street Fighter 5 came out, and the big Capcom data breach of 2020 "revealed" that the company was working on Street Fighter 6, this shouldn't be a surprise to anybody.

However, it's also possible that this countdown has nothing to do with fighting games at all. Capcom announced last year that Resident Evil Village will get some sort of story-heavy DLC sometime soon, and the countdown timer itself looks a lot more like a Resident Evil prop than anything related to Street Fighter. (Then again, that could just be a deliberate fake-out on their part.)

Impossible to know — While Resident Evil and Street Fighter seem the two most likely options at this point, perhaps this countdown could finally reveal the gritty Mega Man reboot we've all been waiting for. (Please, no.) One thing's for sure: when the clock hits zero this weekend, we'll be there to let you know what's going on.