It's a small war after all

'Call of Duty: Warzone' battle royale chaos is coming to mobile

Not to be confused with Call of Duty Mobile, of course.

There are many Call of Duty games out there; at least one a year since the late '90s, in fact. (Calls of Duty? Call of Duties? Whatever.) Well, we hope there's room in the world for one more, because the most popular COD of them all, Warzone, is coming straight to your phone. And that's about all we know about it.

Coming not very soon — COD publisher Activision announced in a blog post late this week that the series’s free-to-play battle royale shooter, Warzone, is being rebuilt natively for mobile. If you're an experienced game developer who really wants to contribute to that noble mission, the company has openings at some of its many Call of Duty support studios, and they want to hear from you. (Then again, given what we've heard about Activision Blizzard as a company in the last few months, maybe keep your CV to yourself on this one.)

Labor issues aside, for us everyday players, it's not really clear what exactly this "all-new triple-A mobile experience" will be like. The announcement's wording seems to imply that this will be a standalone product that won't interface with the other versions of Warzone, but we'll have to see if that remains the case once more news is released.

For comparison's sake, Fortnite allows mobile players to party up with their friends on other platforms through cross-play, but PUBG Mobile is totally separate from the other versions of the game. You can apparently play PUBG Mobile on PC through an emulator if you really want to, which we're sure is a delightful experience on both ends.

Will the mobile version of Warzone look anything like Call of Duty Mobile?Activision Blizzard

In other news, three Activision investors are currently being investigated by the SEC for buying $108 million worth of company shares days before the company was bought out by Microsoft. Things are going great over there!