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'Bloodborne Kart' is actually being turned into a real game

The long-running Souls community joke, ‘Bloodborne Kart,’ is more than just a joke now.

Just a few months after the Bloodborne PSX demake rocked social media, developer Lilith Walther has announced the team's next project, and it's a doozy. Bloodborne Kart has been an absurd joke in the Souls community for a long time — originally intended to parody the lack of updates around a hypothetical Bloodborne 2 — but it seems that Walther is determined to make it into a real fangame.

Walther posted an amusing teaser trailer to social media to announce the move. In it, the hunter from Bloodborne dons driving goggles and mounts a motorcycle in an apparent homage to the influential anime film Akira. The trailer also says that the game is coming "when it's done" and features an impressive audio mashup of Mario Kart-style whimsy with Yharnamian horror by Noble Demon.

Believe it or not, this isn't the first time that Walther has teased the unlikely racing spin-off. On April Fools' Day last year, she posted what appears to be a clip from a working prototype of the game, complete with bosses like the Cleric Beast as playable racers. While that thread was obviously a joke, there's definitely some room in the fangaming world for kart racing spin-offs, and we look forward to playing it when it emerges from its cocoon.

In other Bloodborne news… well, we're afraid there isn't any. Both Sony and FromSoftware are apparently committed to torturing us by neither announcing a follow-up to the original, nor a next-gen version that improves the PS4 game's somewhat questionable performance. Alas, like Gehrman, it seems that we're doomed to await the end of a night that never comes. But hopefully not, right?