Apple Arcade is now cheaper... if you pay for a yearly subscription


How much Apple Arcade costs per year versus $60 at $4.99/month.

Bloomberg/Bloomberg/Getty Images

Apple Arcade, which gives you access to hundreds of ad-free games, is already damn affordable at $4.99 per month (it works out to $60 a year). But now you can save $10 if you subscribe to an annual subscription from the start.

Services rake in money — The discount is yet another deeper push by Apple to its users paying for subscription services. After the iPhone, Apple's "Services" category was the second-largest revenue generator in Q4 2019, bringing in $12 billion for the company. As hardware sales slow and flatline, services like Apple Arcade are the only way to squeeze users for more moolah.

Savings for all — In the U.S. and Canada, a 12-month subscription for Apple Arcade is $49.99; in the U.K., it's £49.99; and in €49.99 in Europe.