Dance dance revolution

'Apex Legends' asks players to stop dancing — or the game will die

Come on, guys, be cool. Just this once.


When you have an issue with a teammate in a multiplayer game, asking them nicely to stop usually isn't a productive course of action. Yet that's exactly what Apex Legends developer Respawn has asked its playerbase to do, thanks to a bizarre issue with the game's "epic"-tier poses causing the game to crash.

"There's currently an issue with animated epic poses which can cause crashes," a message published on Respawn's official Twitter account reads. "We advise you to unequip these epic poses while our team works on a fix. Thanks, Legends!"

Bust a move — Poses in multiplayer games aren't exactly beneficial to a sense of fair play to begin with — let's be honest, doing the Harlem Shake on the corpses of your vanquished foes is a lot more fun for you than it is for them. That said, these "epic" poses are quite difficult to get, requiring players to open many blind boxes (or purchase from the rotating store for a lot of currency) before they cough up the exact one you're looking for.

As such, asking your players to unequip their hard-earned epic gear while you figure out why they're causing the game to crash isn't exactly a great look, especially considering that Respawn just added a bundle of animated poses to the Monsters Within event. Oops. A Respawn developer on Reddit indicated that they still don't know why exactly these epic banner poses are causing crashes, but they're looking into it.

Common courtesy — While it's unclear how many players are willing to forgo their fancy poses while Respawn figures this issue out, if you're planning to play with your friends, you should probably pass this information onto them. After all, if they aren't willing to play ball, all of you are going to find yourselves without a game to play, and that's just no fun at all.