A ‘Bloodborne’ fan-made PS1 demake is coming this month

It won't be FromSoftware. Get it?

Lilith Walther

A ‘90s-eque retro version of the 2015 RPG Bloodborne has been in the works for years now and finally has a release date. The fan-made project is set to be released at the end of this month on January 31. The project’s developer, Lilith Walther, is calling the PS1 version of Bloodborne a “demake,” as this newer version will ironically look much older and more pixelated that the original game.

The demake has been in development since 2017 and appears to be a clone of the 2015 version, just with retro music and 90s pixelation. The Bloodborne community appears to be thrilled with the project. One fan exclaimed, “I love everything about this. You are taking a beloved game and slapping nostalgia goggles on us ‘90s kids.”

Now, Walther says the “demaster” is ready to ship, and will come with an uncapped framerate, full HD visuals and some secret new goodies at the end. Walther revealed on Twitter that there is “secret post game content” in this new version of the game and told fans, “y’all better keep playing after you beat father gascoigne or i’m going to be cross with you and you don’t want that.”

At the beginning of 2022, Walther admitted that there was still a “lot of work to do” on the project. As of January 1, only 20% of the list of known bugs had been addressed. Regardless of the work ahead, the solo dev believes the project will still be able to launch on time.

So many bugs to squash, so little time.Lilith Walther on Twitter

The Bloodborne demake will be available to play via, an indie game site, on January 31. FromSoftware, eat your heart out! Or, maybe hire Lilith Walther — the world needs more goth game devs.