7 things we want to see Sony change on the PS5

Instead of one measly screw, here are some real upgrades Sony can give the PlayStation 5 to make it truly great.

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That’s it?

Reporting from Press Start, an Australian video game outlet, uncovered Sony’s stealth change to the PlayStation 5. If you were expecting a dramatic redesign, sorry to disappoint. The only change comes to the screw for the base stand, which can be installed or removed using just your fingers (new one on the left). The new consoles are also 300 grams lighter.

Press Start

While no longer requiring a screwdriver to use the base stand is an improvement, the change is barely even worth mentioning, especially when there are bigger issues to address. Input’s Ryan Houlihan strongly believes the PlayStation 5 sucks, but here are some changes Sony could make to the console to improve it.