These photographers still use the Game Boy Camera with incredible results

Despite phones having incredible cameras, these five photographers are choosing to go low-res and old school with Nintendo's 23-year-old Game Boy Camera.

A family of different colored Game Boy Cameras with Game Boys and DIY camera lens attachments.
Herr Hatacke

Back in 1998...

We take photography for granted now that there's a pretty darn good camera in our phones. But back in the '90s digital cameras were still a novelty. Nintendo released the Game Boy Camera in 1998 and it was discontinued in 2002. Twenty-something years later, enthusiasts and gamers alike are dusting the Game Boy Camera off and even enhancing its capabilities with DIY mods.

🎥: Nintendo

You're probably wondering why anyone would use a 23-year-old toy camera that's only capable of producing grayscale photos with 2-bit resolution (128 x 112) and 4-color palette options.

📸: Herr Zatacke