You can buy this one-off Tesla Model S Wagon for $200,000


The asking price for the one-of-a-kind station wagon

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Two years ago, a company called RemetzCar turned a Tesla Model S into a station wagon for a Dutch car collector named Floris de Raadt. The price of the conversion turned out to be tens of thousands of Euros, which explains why, as Electrek reports, de Raadt is able to justify his asking price of $200,000 for it without any hint of irony.

Its rarity helps, too, of course. There’s nothing quite like the Model S Wagon (or “shooting brake,” as some markets call the form factor) out there. In fact, the closest thing to it is the Tesla hearse RemetzCar built previously that prompted de Raadt to approach the company for his own project. We suspect no matter how high de Raadt set the asking price he’d get it, given the — at times, rabid — enthusiasm of Tesla fans.

Custom everything — Initially, de Raadt hoped to be able to stick the rear end of a Jaguar XF sport brake onto the Model S, but with the Jaguar being made from plain steel and the Tesla from aluminum, RemetzCar suggested a custom, all-aluminum build was the way to go, especially as the goal was to build a vehicle that looked even better than a factory model, not one with the raggedy charm of a home-build.

Plans for mass production failed — RemetzCar had hoped to be able to sell similar custom builds to other buyers, but as the costs ballooned, that proved impractical. Which is why there’s now only one Model S Wagon. Though that’s great news for its eventual buyer, if not for the rest of us.

Add some chrome — One of the Model S Wagon’s most recognizable and inspired design decisions is the chrome strip that runs the full length of the roofline from the A- to C-pillars that helps make the car feel less bulky and more streamlined. It shouldn’t work, but it does. Much like the whole car, really. A sports car station wagon sounds like a travesty waiting to happen, but RemetzCar pulled it off with aplomb.

The actual asking price for the Model S Wagon is €185,555 excluding 21% VAT, which the buyer won’t have to pay if they’re outside the EU. In addition to 422 HP and 600 Nm of torque, the new owner can expect a range of around 250 miles from the 85 kWh battery pack, bespoke British racing green paint and matching interior details, and as the listing puts it:

For years to come the next owner of this Shooting Brake will be King of the Tesla Supercharger Network. Or Queen. Whichever comes first.

Elon Musk may be becoming increasingly peculiar, but Tesla still makes great products. And they're made even better when people get stuck into customizing them. Well, mostly. We adore Simone Giertz’s Tesla pickup truck. But we’re less fond of these mock-ups of Cybertruck campers. Still, we can't actually buy either of those. If we had the money we could buy this station wagon, though. And we'd definitely be considering it.