What will you shoot with your Supreme-branded instant film?

A collab with Fujifilm will bring out your delusions of photographic competence.

One of the most anticipated drops from this season's array of Supreme accessories is arriving this week: instant film.

The streetwear brand has partnered with Fujifilm to create Instax Mini instant film branded with the ever-alluring box logo. It'll come in boxes of 10, prompting hypebeasts to make the difficult decision of just what to shoot and pair alongside their metaphorical gold star.

No camera included — Whether or not you already have an Instax camera will likely be irrelevant to your desire to purchase this film, but you're going to have to buy one if you want to do anything other than display the unopened box. Fortunately, you can get one for just $55 on Amazon. Or if you don't want to enable Jeff Bezos lining his pockets while the rest of the country largely suffers, look elsewhere to somewhere like B&H for the same price.


Now good luck with the film — The more difficult part will be successfully purchasing the film online come 11 a.m. Thursday. While the price hasn't yet been announced, it shouldn't be much more than $20. Supreme accessories of this ilk tend to stick around the same price range as their unbranded counterparts.

What about resale if you're not so lucky? Only time will tell.

Then what? — Then it's time to shoot, my friend. Take a picture of your fit, provided it doesn't suck. Take a picture of your homies, provided it's at a time when it's finally safe to be in their company. Take a sweet headshot for your mom so she can have a reminder of you on her fridge and a reminder that you blow your money on frivolous things.

Whatever you do, just don't pretend you're a bonafide photographer all of the sudden.