CES 2022

TP-Link’s new router finds the best Wi-Fi signal by positioning its own antennas

The Archer AXE200 Omni router isn’t a sentient alien robot. The antennas automatically move to improve your Wi-Fi signal.

This is what the future is supposed to look like: never having to futz around to find the best way to position a router. TP-Link revealed its latest advance in router tech, its Archer AXE200 Omni router that automatically adjusts its antennas for the best reception.

TP-Link's Archer AXE200 Omni router unfolding and adjusting its antennas.TP-Link

Alright, so the router may look like it’s from another planet. And it kind of looks like it’s scanning its surroundings to plan for an eventual extraterrestrial invasion. But, come on, you never have to adjust your router ever again. No more having to follow TP-Link’s detailed guides on achieving optimal Wi-Fi reception. No more having to troubleshoot why your Internet seems to drop in certain dead spots of your apartment. The convenience of an automatic router and the reliability of optimized Wi-Fi might just be worth having a weird, blinking device that has antennas that fold in and out.

More reliable Wi-Fi — According to TP-Link, the Archer AXE200 can adaptively adjust its antennas based on device Wi-Fi usage and location. So no matter which room you’re connecting from, the auto-adjusting router will make sure to give you the most optimized reception. The Archer AXE200 will probably meet all your basic Wi-Fi needs but I’d still say it’s recommended to use an Ethernet cable when you’re gaming. Although, this router could potentially address the reliability issues of Wi-Fi when it comes to competitive games, or at least make a first step towards that.


Like with the Archer AXE200, TP-Link and other router companies are steadily increasing their product lineups that use the faster and lower latency Wi-Fi 6E. The new router will have the new 6GHz band alongside the traditional 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands. TP-Link built its Archer AXE200 with a 2GHz quad-core CPU, a 10G port, and an extra 2.5G port. The next-gen router is also expected to hit total speeds of more than 10Gbps, according to TP-Link.

First time for four bands — TP-Link’s Archer AXE200 router will be showcased during CES 2022, alongside two more traditionally-designed routers that also use Wi-Fi 6E. The company skipped on the smart antennas for its Archer AXE300 router, its first router that offers four bands including the new 6Ghz band, two 5GHz bands, and a 2.4GHz band. The company also will debut its latest tri-band mesh WiFi system, the Deco XE200, at its CES 2022 booth. According to TP-Link, all three routers will become available throughout 2022 at “competitive price points.” God, please hurry. People with bad Wi-Fi are hurting out there.