The new Xbox logo has leaked. It's not what you'd expect.

It might make you want a workout. Or pick up a camera. Or buy some shoes.

We already know Microsoft's Xbox Series X, launching this fall, is going to be the most powerful console ever released with specs like 12 teraflops of power, 16GB of RAM, and super-fast 1TB of NVMe SSD. And unlike Sony, Microsoft has already shown us the console itself — a minimalist box designed to be stood vertically for the heatsink to push air up through the top vent.

What we hadn't seen was a new logo... until now. Reddit user LemonMintHookah discovered Microsoft filed for a new trademark for a new Xbox Series X logo on April 16.

Is this the new XboX Series X logo?Justia Trademarks

Twitter user @Nibellion shared two versions of the logo, one black and one white:

It's okay? Certainly nothing inspiring. We're not saying it's terrible, but it does sort of give us vibes we've seen elsewhere before.

For instance, anyone else getting major Equinox vibes?

Or like something from Virgil Abloh's Off-White brand?

Or how about Fujifilm's X-series camera line?

Maybe this familiarity is what Microsoft is going for? Or maybe it's run out of ideas. The trademark for the logo lets Microsoft plaster it on just about everything video game related, and other tie-in merchandise like watches, jewelry, and clothing. It's basically a license to print money. So if this is it, expect to see it everywhere soon enough.

Most interesting is a) Microsoft hasn't announced the logo and b) it's not used on the Xbox Series X console (not on the face, at least.) It's possible we might see the branding appear on the console's box, physical game cases, and packaging for accessories, though.