The perfectly pointless world of Marina Fujiwara's 'wasted creations'

Whimsical, magical, useless. All of these words describe the 27-year-old creator's inventions and projects. But they only scratch the surface.

"A Machine that Hangs with a Wad of Money"

Is a looming deadline not enough to motivate you to get off Twitter and back to work? How about a wad of cash that gets waved across your face back and forth? Definitely more carrot than stick. (And hygienically worrisome in this economy.)

Also known as the "Motivation Machine Easy Type," Fujiwara imagines the money-waving contraption attaching to the top of a laptop and helping to keep writers inspired and on track. All we're wondering is whether we can legitimately expense the parts to make one of our own.

Yo Noguchi