The Cybertruck has now infected mechanical keyboard design

Say hello to the sharp and pointy Cyberboard.

Mechanical keyboards rule. Periodt (yes, periodt). And now you can get one that looks like Tesla's Cybertruck.

Inspired by Tesla's electric truck, Angry Miao's 75 percent-layout Cyberboard is a throwback to computer keyboards from the 1980s with a touch of retro RGB. The head of every Cyberboard has 200 programmable "LED lamp beads" to mimic old computer interfaces. Beep-boop-dee-dop. Is it pointless? Absolutely. But damn it if it doesn't tug at our heartstrings.

DIY kit — There are a few things that give us pause about the Cyberboard. First, it's crowdfunding on Indiegogo. We're not saying every crowdfunding project is vaporware, but there's also no guarantee there won't be production or logistics issues. Coolest Cooler anyone?

The other is that this is a DIY keyboard kit. Meaning assembly is required. You get the sharp and pointy CNC'd aluminum Cybertruck case, but you gotta supply your own keys and switches.

How does it sound? — Every mechanical keyboard enthusiast knows that the sound of a keyboard's keys is equally as important as its aesthetic. While the switches you put inside of the Cyberboard will determine the clickiness and clackiness, Angry Miao also says it's included a dampener and silicon mute mount to keep any parts from wiggling around or adding additional noise unrelated to the keys and switches.

Take a listen for yourself:

Not cheap — Fancy mechanical keyboards are seldom cheap. Sure, you could buy every YouTuber's very tall go-to mechanical keyboard, the Keychron K2, for less than $100. But if you want a real hefty typing experience at home, you gotta pay up. The Cyberboard is going for about $410 (early bird pricing). Normal pricing is about $683. Like we said, not cheap. They're limited to 1,000 units so if you got money to burn, you better move fast before the campaign ends in 30 days. Keyboards are supposed to ship in October.