Tesla teases solar range extender trailer equipped with Starlink internet

The company brought what looks like a prototype to a conference in Hannover, Germany.

A look at the solar range extender trailer, which was spotted at IdeenExpo.

Luxury camping might never be the same if Tesla is able to officially bring a solar range extender trailer to market. This week, a self-proclaimed Tesla enthusiast posted several photos on Twitter that unveil what looks to be an early model or prototype of the device.

The range extender was spotted in Germany at “IdeenExpo,” which translates to “IdeasExpo,” and functions as a sort of an early-stage career fair for children and young adults. Outfitted with a concentration of deployable solar panels, the trailer also included a receiver for the company’s Starlink satellite internet service according to Electrek.

In theory this trailer could be brought along on camping or road trips, so that the users can access high-powered internet without resorting to the RV route. While it’s impressive that Tesla was able to produce a ready-made device for what amounts to a recruiting event, the trailer does look like a bulky add-on, just so users can have added service range to check their feeds or send emails.

Nothing set in stone— It’s probably important to note though, that the inclusion of the trailer at “IdeasExpo” does not necessarily mean Tesla is planning on mass-producing the gadget. Clearly the company is still working on the details of its Starlink service.

As mentioned previously, an RV option for Starlink was introduced recently, so another portability feature might not be at the top of the electric auto-makers priority list.

As noted by Electrek, the trailer would be able to offer just under 50 miles of extended range per day if it was being completely maximized. If you’re really taking a trip somewhere that is exceptionally remote, that added mileage might not make a huge difference.

Regardless, the trailer won’t be available in the near-future anyways, so waiting for Starlink availability in your area would be a more appropriate use of your time if this is something you’d be interested in.