Teenage Engineering's OB-4 collab with Off-White honors Virgil Abloh

The collab features a bright orange remixed OB-4 and its own carrying bag, alongside a pricey apparel collection.

Teenage Engineering

Teenage Engineering and Off-White are teaming up. The first collaboration between the two companies at the top of the design game comes in the form of a remixed OB-4 loudspeaker. The bright “luminescent orange” version of the OB-4 was made in honor of the late influential designer Virgil Abloh.

Heavy collab — Teenage Engineering said the collab came about when they asked Virgil Abloh for his take on the OB-4’s disk mode. The portable hi-fi loudspeaker already had the unique feature of memorizing everything you play, but the disk mode is a multi-function experimental “research space” with three current modes including ambient, karma, and metronome. The end result from Abloh’s contribution is an OB-4 with a bright orange exterior and Off-White branding, and a disk mode that features gyil music from sk kakraba.

Teenage Engineering

The gyil is a traditional instrument from Ghana, where Abloh’s parents immigrated from, and sk kakraba is one of the last remaining masters who can build and play the xylophone-esque instrument.

The collab also introduces a capsule collection of apparel designed by Off-White that goes perfectly with the bright orange OB-4. The collection includes t-shirts and hoodies in white and orange, along with a white bomber jacket and cargo pant set that are loaded with custom pockets for all your Teenage Engineering devices.

The silkscreened bomber jacket costs $2,130.Teenage Engineering
To complete the look, the cargo pants run $1,415.
The hoodie comes in white and orange for $705.
The t-shirts also come in white and orange, but for $490.
The transparent orange carrying bag features Off-White branding throughout.
You’re gonna need the right drip to go with the limited-edition OB-4.

This collab is another design home run for both companies, but it’s not surprising given the Swedish company’s product track record and Off-White’s reputation. Teenage Engineering has already worked with Ikea for a party-inspired lineup of furniture and with Nothing on the Ear (1) wireless earbuds. And well, Off-White is Off-White.

Double the price — It shouldn’t come as a surprise since Off-White is involved, but the limited-edition OB-4 costs $1,150. That’s nearly double the price of the original OB-4 magic radio that was released in 2020 for $599; Teenage Engineering currently sells the regular black OB-4 (with remote) for $649. But the Off-White collab OB-4 comes with a transparent orange carry bag with Off-White branded straps. The new OB-4 is currently available on Teenage Engineering’s site in very limited quantities with a one-order-per-customer limit, but it will undoubtedly sell out fast like its Computer-1 PC case.