Nikon's microscopic photo contest will blow your mind

Nikon's Small World has hosted its 2020 photomicrography competition, and the results are eye-popping.

Ahmad Fauzen/Nikon

The Nikon Small World Competition has been running since 1975. The competition celebrates photographs taken through the light microscope.

On October 13, Nikon announced the winners of the 46th competition – and the results are nothing short of stunning.

Robert Markus/Nikon

This was the winner, the head of a fish with a fluorescently-tagged skeleton. It's comprised of 350 images, and it formed part of research that revealed zebrafish also have lymphatic vessels. Previously only thought to be found in mammals, their discovery could help with research into human brain diseases like Alzheimer's.

Daniel Castranova, Dr. Brant M. Weinstein, Bakary Samasa/Nikon