Small Victories

Netflix is finally letting you clear out your ‘Continue Watching’ row

The streaming service has made it possible to exorcise your graveyard of movie and TV misfires.


Have you ever logged into your Netflix account, excited at all the viewing possibilities, only to be confronted by the ghosts of your viewing past? Was that me watching Space Force? Please stop showing me that Charlie Kaufman movie I threw on for 10 minutes. Oh yeah my ex used to love watching Arrested Development — maybe I’m not in the mood to watch anything after all.

Well, now none of those thoughts have to be triggered by the dreaded “Continue Watching” row after the streaming giant announced that subscribers can now remove shows or movies from that section with a simple click of the button.

To delete titles from the row, users can select a specific show or movie from their “Continue Watching” list and then cycle down towards a brand new “Remove from Continue Watching” option — and presto — that piece of media will be zapped from existence (on the list). By clicking again, the offending piece of content will be re-added, effectively undoing the initial decision.

A long time coming— While minor, this feature is a much-needed update that people have been supposedly clamoring for. The tweak is available for TV, web, and mobile devices, so if you haven’t already, get purging those interfaces!

The “Continue Watching” row is the first thing that users see when they access their Netflix accounts, so a little more autonomy over that aspect of the platform’s design is a breath of fresh air. Imagine if dating apps hovered the profiles of matches you were no longer in contact with as soon as you logged in. Truly a nightmare.