The ‘Monster Hunter’ Kongari Meat pillow will be the prime cut of your home

The sizable cushion is available either raw or well done.

Capcom Monster Hunter Kongari Meat steak pillow

A sense of humor is overtaking not just fashion, but home decor too. Inflatable chairs, mushroom lamps, and even butt plug-shaped (not scented) candles are pieces picking up in popularity among shoppers looking to add a little something to their space.

For those wanting something a little meatier, Capcom has debuted a steak pillow modeled after the Kongari Meat seen in the Monster Hunter franchise. Just like the video game, people can use the cushion to rest their heads and restore their stamina. Monster Hunter fans and grilling fiends alike can indulge in the pillow, which is available in both raw and well-done versions.

More sizzle than steak — Polyurethane and paint help give the steak pillow its appetizing look, replicating the appearance of various burns and marbling. On either side of the cushion, firm bones stick out, furthering its realistic appearance as well as its potential in a pillow fight. The scent of the pillow’s synthetic materials might be the only thing stopping buyers from actually taking a bite of the statement decor.

A delectable way to chill out.Capcom

Measuring approximately 35 inches in length, the cushion allows for plenty of room to rest your head and snuggle into its meatiness. Its larger size means you can truly display the pillow not just in your bedroom but on your living room couch — although the most fitting room for the Monster Hunter prime cut would be the kitchen. Maybe you could meat in the middle in the dining room?

Where’s the beef? — The Monster Hunter steak pillow can be found on Capcom’s website for ¥16,280, or about $120. Consider the price reasonable for a cushion of this size and novelty — similar pillow designs have sold for $90 and resold for up to $130 thanks to the rarity of, well, home decor shaped like meat. And if you’re still mulling over whether or not a steak pillow is worth investing in, take it from the guy who bought Travis Scott’s McDonald’s chicken nugget pillow: “It'll be a good conversation piece. You'll see it first thing and be like, ‘What the heck is that? Like what, that's nuts.’”

Would you like that rare or well-done?Capcom