Moment’s MagSafe iPhone rig makes for professional-looking video

The lightweight rig can be set up quickly with your iPhone and offers a variety of mounts for lights and mics.

There’s no way an iPhone can compare to industry favorites like RED cameras when it comes to getting professional-level footage, but with the right accessories you can still get pretty close. Moment is hoping to help you do just that with its Mobile Filmmaker Cage for MagSafe.


Not only does it help us look the part, the design allows for a lot more versatility and professional-looking footage when it comes shooting video on iPhone. Moment isn’t the first to create a camera rig that’s been slimmed down for smartphones, but they paired it with MagSafe, making it a lot easier to set up. Moment loaded its MagSafe rig with mounts that let you add a light, mic, handle, or whatever else you can think of to get a little more of a professional look.

Many, many mounts — Moment built the MagSafe rig mostly out of aluminum but there’s a grippy backer pad that’s meant to ensure a strong connection between the magnets. That said, Moment’s video shows you can actually shake hard enough to separate the magnets. The magnets also release if you’re not careful when putting on lenses to the back of your iPhone.


The real feature of the MagSafe rig is the sheer amount of mounts built in. Most importantly, the design features two cold shoe mounts, one of which is next to a little notch that was designed for cable management with microphones. Besides the two cold shoe options, the MagSafe rig has several 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 attachment points on all sides, so you can attach handles, powerbanks, or anything else that helps you get better video.

Make it MagSafe — The MagSafe filmmaker rig is available on Moment’s website for $99, but if you don’t have a MagSafe compatible device for the rig, you can always convert whatever phone or case you have with Moment’s $10 Stick-on Adapter that was just released.


While it’s unrelated to filmmaking with your iPhone, Moment also released a Strap Anywhere Mount whose design lets you wrap your MagSafe compatible device around things like bikes, squat racks, or treadmills so you can stay hands-free during your workout.