Lego's new Lamborghini Sián is the only supercar you can buy for $380

With only 63 of the full-sized Lamborghini being built, this is the closest most people will come to owning one.

The latest addition to Lego’s growing garage of brick-based vehicles is Lamborghini’s Sián FKP 37. The real-world vehicle the lime green Lego Technic version is based on is Lambo’s fastest ever (0-62 mph in 2.8 seconds), its first hybrid, and is limited to 63 units, all of which were sold before its public unveiling for $3.6 million apiece. At $379.99, Lego’s take is definitely more affordable, but fittingly, that price tag still makes it the Danish brickmaker’s most expensive car to date.

The honor of the most expensive Lego vehicle until now belonged to the Bugatti Chiron which was released in 2018 and priced at $350. Perhaps we can look forward to a $400 McLaren, next? But that asking price isn't for nothing. Clearly, a large chunk of the budget went on the reveal video (below) Lego put together for it, which is almost as cool as the car itself. It’s packed with the sort of elaborate laser light show trickery, bombastic soundtrack, and high production values usually reserved for actual car reveals. It’s completely over the top. Just like a Lamborghini.

Nearly 3,700 pieces — For a toy car, Lego’s Lambo is huge, with the finished model measuring 23 x 9 x 5 inches (length, width, height). So, if you plan to display it in all its 3,696-piece glory, you might need a bigger desk or bookshelf.

The Sián FKP 37 is Lego’s first 1:8 scale model, and its size has enabled the company to pack it with detail, from the gold rims to the one-touch opening scissor doors, working 8-speed gearbox (that can be viewed through a window on the model’s underside), and even a serial number in the frunk that can be used to unlock online content.

The rear spoiler can be lifted or retracted, and the rear cover comes off to reveal the replica V12 engine.Lego

There are also authentic-looking Lego brake discs and brake calipers emblazoned with Lamborghini’s name, functional gearshift paddles alongside the equally functional steering wheel, and replicas of the full-sized Sián FKP 37’s Y-shaped headlights that were inspired by the 2017 Terzo Millennio concept car.

The cheapest supercar ever — Lego will begin selling the Sián FKP 37 online on June 1. It'll be limiting sales to two per buyer, presumably in an effort to prevent resellers from snapping them all up and flipping them. It may set a new high-water mark for pricing for Lego, but $379.00 is still a steal for a supercar… especially if you’re paying in the currency of choice of many Lamborghini owners: bitcoin. At today’s rate, that’s a mere 0.04 BTC. Bargain.

Considering its 1:8 scale, you may still struggle to find parking for your Lego Lambo.Lego
You'll have to make the V12 noise yourself.Lego
Don't try this with a real Sián FKP 37's engine, unless you're a Lamborghini mechanic.Lego
A face to inspire envy, with a paint job to match.Lego