Lego’s new indoor plant sets include an orchid you actually won’t kill

You can build the Lego Orchid and Lego Succulents sets however you want, without ever needing to water them.

Lego Orchid and Lego Succulents sets

Kick back and relax

There’s something so soothing about building a chill Lego set. These two releases from Lego’s Botanical Collection won’t take too long to assemble, but you can keep changing up the look of them afterward.

And, the best part of it is you don’t even need to water or take care of them once you’re finished.


Fully assembled, the 608-piece Lego Orchid set will include the orchid itself, the blue fluted vase, and the replica soil inside the vase.

Lego also hid some repurposed pieces throughout both of its Botanical Collections sets.