Ikea and Teenage Engineering's party-focused collection of tech and homeware is now available

Check out these dope speakers, lights, furniture, and foil-like raincoats.


Beloved Swedish tech company Teenage Engineering and Ikea have joined forces for a collaboration for the ages. Their limited-time Frekvens collection, "rolling out" at U.S. Ikea stores from now until February 1 (though store inventory will vary), includes hot items like a modular Bluetooth speaker system, LED spotlights with tripod stands, tables and chairs, dinnerware sets, and my favorite, aluminum foil-like metallic raincoats.

The Frekvens (it means "frequency" in Swedish) collection is "inspired by music, one of the most powerful and uniting cultural forces in society," according to Ikea. All of the items are designed to get a party started and bumpin'. Literally, you could buy everything in the collection, drop them into your living room, and charge for your mini rave. DJ skills are, obviously, not included with any of the products. You'll have to bring your own hits to your party.

No smarts at all — You won't find any "smart" features or AI in the speakers or lights. Besides Bluetooth for streaming music, these are dumb speakers all the way, and we like it that way. It's refreshing to see new tech without Alexa this or Google Assistant that.

Some of our favorites from the Frekvens collab:

Spotlights and speakers assembled with tripod (each sold separately).Ikea
Speaker with subwoofer: $149Ikea
Raincoat: $24.99Ikea
Tote bag: $9.99Ikea
Ottoman: $149Ikea
Side table: $29.99Ikea
Eating set: $17.99Ikea
Blanket: $49.99Ikea