Gucci's $980 AirPods Max case is peak capitalism

Nothing like protecting your $549 wireless earbuds with a $980 designer case.

If you splurged for Apple’s AirPods Max and were seriously disappointed with the case that it comes with, you’re not alone — the controversial bra-like design of the case caught a lot of heat. But what’s the alternative? Gucci thinks the solution is dropping almost double the price of the headphones for its new Ophidia AirPods Max case.

I can’t argue that Gucci’s offering looks better than the questionable design of the stock AirPods Max case, with its instantly recognizable double “G” and green-and-red stripe. But I have to wonder why anyone in the world would need this. Oh, wait a second, it’s to let everyone around you know that you’re loaded, specifically when you’re done listening to music using your already-expensive AirPods Max. Hey, if you gotta flex, you gotta flex.

Be present — Like its other popular accessories, Gucci adorned the outside of the case with its classic brown leather and gold-tone details throughout. Inside, the blue neoprene and viscose lining features the word “Hodiernum” in yellow, which Gucci says is Latin for “belonging to the present day.” Just in case you needed a ridiculous reminder from your AirPods Max case to live in the moment.

Thank you for the reminder, Gucci case.Gucci

I’ll give credit where it’s due, though. Gucci says it’s making these cases ethically and sustainably, using recycled raw materials when possible and making leather through an alternative metal or chrome-free tanning process. Gucci even has completely recyclable eco-packaging if you’re planning on gifting this to someone. It is nice to know that if you’re shelling out nearly $1,000 for a pretty unnecessary case, at least it’s being made conscientiously.

The one thing we’re not sure about is if the Gucci case will include similar magnets to that of the regular AirPods Max case. The original case was built with magnets so that it could put the headphones into low-power modes and conserve battery when not being used.


Decked out — To be fair, Gucci’s pricey alternative also doesn’t protect the headband either, but at least you can carry it by the adjustable shoulder strap like a regular ol’ handbag. Gucci’s Ophidia case is an online exclusive and is currently available on the website for $980. If you think that’s expensive, Gucci has been making extravagant tech accessories for a while, including a padlock case for Apple Watch that runs $3,200 and one for Beats headphones that comes in at $3,700.

And Gucci isn’t even the only luxury brand making these over-the-top tech accessories. Fendi recently partnered with Ledger to try and make cryptocurrency hardware wallets cool. What a time to be alive.