EVGA built a beastly PC gaming rig with no case

And they did not skimp on the parts for the E1’s wild pre-built design.

EVGA's E1 gaming rig with open chassis design.

Carbon fiber frame, open chassis, and an independent suspension system? It sounds like EVGA is building a race car with these parts, but it’s actually its new pre-built gaming rig. EVGA recently teased the E1, its wildly designed PC with a unique frame design that is equal parts race car engine and medieval torture rack.

Am I the only one getting torture rack vibes with this thing?EVGA/YouTube

It’s pretty obvious that EVGA was looking to turn heads with the E1. Just look at that sleek carbon fiber frame. Look at that crazy steel cable suspension system that’s holding up the platform where you install the motherboard, GPU, and power supply. We all love to gush over our PC builds with its synchronized RGB lighting. After all, that’s why basically all cases these days have transparent side panels. But the E1 is definitely the next level of showing off your build with its completely open design.

What’s even wilder is the components that EVGA announced that the E1 would be built with. The graphics card included hasn’t even been officially announced yet and the motherboard has yet to hit the market. EVGA even included a limited edition keychain with the E1, because why not?

Made to overclock — Along with the futuristic design, EVGA made sure to include the highest-end components with the E1. Officially, the company only mentioned that a K|NGP|N graphics card would be included but the image on the website looks almost exactly like the images that Vince Lucido, the overclocking expert who’s known as K|NGP|N, recently shared on Facebook and is thought to be the new GeForce RTX 3090 Ti K|NGP|N graphics card that’s yet to be released.

The E1’s graphics card is rumored to be the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti K|NGP|N.EVGA

The rig will feature the Z690 Dark K|NGP|N motherboard that will most likely fit Intel’s latest Core i9-12900K CPU. EVGA is also including a 1600W titanium power supply with a carbon fiber finish that matches the E1’s frame. You can’t buy something like this and not be obsessed with performance, so the E1 has a closed loop cooler that has a digital readout and its analog gauges that show you the CPU, GPU and overall temps. The analog gauges are a bit of an old-school design touch, but they sit on top of an I/O that has the power button, USB 3.0 ports, a USB-C port, and headphone and mic jacks.

The analog dials and I/O of the EVGA E1.EVGA

All the components are going to be suspended within the open carbon fiber frame that only weighs 2.76 pounds. I doubt there’s a need to be lugging this build around, but its weight makes it much lighter than that of competitors.

Light on details — EVGA has only said that its E1 will be extremely limited and only available to EVGA members. The company didn’t mention any pricing details or when it’ll be available, but it’s not hard to assume that the E1 is going to be extremely expensive just going off the components alone. Between the top-of-the-line graphics card that we haven’t even officially seen yet and its wild patent-pending chassis design, be prepared to rack up some serious debt just so you can wow your gaming buddies.