You need this beanbag made from upcycled Adidas tracksuits

The latest clothing-to-furniture conversion from the RXCycle program.

The upcycling movement is not just limited to what you wear, it's hitting where you sit. London concept store LN-CC has collaborated with Darren Romanelli on this bean bag chair and ottoman made of Adidas tracksuits. Together, their RXCycle program gives new life to old garments by transforming them into furniture. They've previously released chairs, ottomans, and a sofa with upholstery made from luxury apparel.

Roadman sits — The latest RXCycle is extremely British in its utilization of Adidas trackies. The patchwork design prominently features the Three Stripes throughout, and you'll notice the buttons from the tearaway pants. I can imagine no better use for this set than for gaming, particularly if you're a FIFA player. If that turns you into something of a gamer hooligan, well, that's just further commitment to brand building.


The Dr. is in — Romanelli, known as Dr. Romanelli or DRx, is a prominent upcycling designer whose pieces regularly sell out online. In addition to his clothing, he's also teamed up with Modernica for a range of chairs made from vintage military fatigues.

Like many designers of his ilk, his creations are quite expensive. But upcycled pieces should be considered art, even when they're functional. Reimagining clothing in unexpected ways has become an artist statement inspiring amatuers to try their hands at upcycling or, at the very least, think more about sustainability.

Give the bean bag a home — The chair can be yours for $8,400, via LN-CC's webstore. For a hypebeast looking to expand their horizons while maintaining a similar aesthetic, this is a natural progression.