Dubai’s ‘Museum of the Future’ looks straight out of a sci-fi movie

A futuristic building that puts the Met, Louvre, and Smithsonian to shame.

Dubai isn’t just living in a different time zone, it’s living in the future. The city opened the doors to a state-of-the-art “Museum of the Future” that’s equipped with innovative design and elements of rich heritage.

Described as a “living” museum, the building constantly adapts and metamorphosis as certain exhibits and attractions change, according to Chairman of the Dubai Future Foundation Mohammed Al Gergawi.

An eye on the future — The building itself is seven stories and comprised of 1,024 stainless steel panels. The number 1,024 was intentional as each panel represents one kilobyte, which is equal to 1,024 bytes, or 1,024 characters and an ode to its futuristic, artificial intelligence theme, according to the museum’s website.

Instead of using a traditional structure with supporting columns, the architects implemented its hallowed construction with a specialized robotic process. A solar park provides power to the lecture halls and theater, innovation labs, gallery spaces, and family areas inside. Its eye shape is also reflective of humanity itself, while the grassy foundation connects it down to earth.

Museum of the Future
Museum of the Future
Museum of the Future

Three calligraphic quotes from Dubai’s Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum on the structure’s exterior detail the importance of imagining, designing, and executing a future of products that will leave a lasting legacy after its creators are gone. “Innovation is not an intellectual luxury. It is the secret behind the evolution and rejuvenation of nations and peoples,” reads part of the quote.

What will the next decade bring? — The museum is located in the city’s Financial District and took nine years to construct. Architecture firm Killa Design and the Dubai Future Foundation brought it to life, aiming to provide a space that not only acknowledges and honors the past, but also “brings hope and knowledge back to the present.”

Tickets for the Museum of the Future have been booked a month in advance, but a building described as the most beautiful in the world may be worth the wait — and a trip to Dubai.