Complete your fall fit with these Hideo Kojima sunglasses

Or traverse a barren landscape, the choice is yours really.

Hideo Kojima and Jean-François Rey posing together

The gaming and high-fashion collaborations continue to roll in — this time around it involves Metal Gear Solid creator, Hideo Kojima, and French luxury eyewear designer, Jean-François Rey. Kojima’s latest effort, the apocalyptic and brutal Death Stranding, is still inserting itself into the zeitgeist, as the game just recently received a director’s cut edition and is reportedly serves as the inspiration for the collaborative capsule collection.

Can you imagine yourself rocking these?Maison Jean-François Rey

Together, Kojima and Rey have worked on a collection of four original pairs of sunglasses that include a 3D-printed mask. Interested parties will have to wait to get their hands on them though, as the futuristic-looking shades are only available for pre-order and won’t be delivered until May 2022. Maybe supply chain issues are affecting the eyewear space too... or maybe Kojima, a notorious perfectionist, will be shepherding the production process until the bitter end.

The entire collection looks like it would work best with a fall or winter outfit — paired with pants and a light jacket perhaps. Each pair looks like it could fit in with any of Kojima’s games and will certainly elicit a doubletake from onlookers. Now onto the glasses themselves:

HKxJF01— Up first is the HKxJF01 model, which is equipped with rounded frames and more rectangular lenses that flip out to cover the wearer’s eyes.

HKxJF02— The next model in the collection resembles a more traditional pair of sunglasses in that none of the components are adjustable. Out of the entire collection, the JF02 is the most static pair.

LUDENS mask + HKxJF03— Completing the collection is a combination model that is sold together. The JF03 resembles a pair of swimming goggles, while the LUDENS mask was modeled by Rey’s design studio, and will be produced with SLS technic. The mask can be equipped with adjustable nose pads and rim locks for prescription lenses or sunglasses.

Each of these sunglasses will most likely run you a bit of money, considering other models released by Rey fetch high price tags. If they’re too rich for your pocket, you can always lookout for an accessory in Death Stranding that resembles the luxury eyewear instead.