This grungy Chrome Hearts ice cream scooper costs nearly $3,000

Good luck finding a pint worthy of scooping from.

Chrome Hearts

Chrome Hearts has debuted homeware that ironically costs more than a month or two of rent. Following the lead of other luxury labels like Louis Vuitton and Gucci — which have released a $2,890 mini speaker and $10,000 Xbox, respectively — the grungy fashion label has introduced a branded ice cream scooper, which you can scoop up for a reasonable $2,750.

Crafted entirely from .925 sterling silver, the serving device features Chrome Hearts’ signature cross and dagger motifs on its scoop and handle. “CHROME HEARTS” comes engraved at the side of the handle, while the bottom of the ice cream scooper takes on a floral shape. Weighing in at 15 ounces and measuring only seven inches long, the homeware is pretty tiny, perhaps impeding its intended use. The ice cream scooper is also relatively plain, especially for something costing nearly $3,000 — but it’s Chrome Hearts, after all.

Why so expensive? — If you’re unfamiliar with the Los Angeles luxury label, you can reference iconic outfits worn by Guns N’ Roses and Cher to familiarize yourself. Since the ‘80s, Chrome Hearts has outfitted the biggest rock’n’rollers in its punk styles, and as of late, Travis Scott, Bella Hadid, Jay-Z, and Dua Lipa have all be seen wearing the brand on the regular.

Chrome Hearts

Like other luxury brands, Chrome Hearts doesn’t really specialize in homewear: Its products may be high quality, but buying them is more about flexing what you can afford. The brand’s sterling silver scooper will probably act as more of a conversation starter than an actual serving utensil — and speaking for myself, I almost always dig into pints with just a spoon.

Still, Chrome Hearts does know a thing or two about design. Last year, the label partnered with Drake to create a custom Rolls-Royce Cullinan complete with quilted leather upholstery, a cross-bearing hood ornament, and rims engraved with the words “F*ck You” — a phrase that regrettably doesn’t appear on the ice cream scooper (and is only implied through its price).

Hot scoop summer — With warm weather ahead, bougie ice cream enthusiasts will want to secure the ultimate serving device, now available at Chrome Hearts’ website. Shoppers should be wary that the $2,750 silver scooper is final sale — so make sure it’s really something your (chrome) heart desires.

Chrome Hearts