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The 'Maple Majestic' wants to be Canada's homegrown Tesla

The electric vehicle is designed to handle the Canadian climate and intended to reinvigorate the country's car manufacturing sector.

Look out Tesla, Canada has a homegrown electric sedan on the way. Well, that's if AK International Motor Corporation can drum up enough investment to make its EV a reality. Dubbed the "Maple Majestic," the vehicle is a battery-electric designed to "excel in extreme climate performance without adversely affecting the climate, as befits a vehicle from Canada," according to its website.

What's in a name? — The company says the maple leaf is a "symbol of Canada’s warmth and friendliness towards all cultures," while "majestic" refers to the country's "status as a Constitutional Monarchy."

That patriotism carries over into Maple Majestic's parent company's lofty goals. AK Motor founder Arkadiusz Kaminski says he wants the company, which he founded in 2012, to become "Canada's first multi-brand automotive OEM," and that the "Maple Majestic is intended to be Canada’s flagship brand of automobiles on the world stage."

AK Motor

Partnerships are key — "We acknowledge that the best chance for the Maple Majestic brand to succeed, lies in continuing to build the relationship with Canada’s parts suppliers and technological innovators, whether they be academic institutions, corporations, or individual inventors," the company explains. "We are currently seeking partners in automotive engineering, parts manufacturing, automotive assembly, electric propulsion technology, battery technology, autonomous technology, and hybrid power generation technology."

In other words, don't expect to be able to buy a Maple Majestic any time soon... and don't expect to pour over 0-60 mph times, power output, range, or other key stats, because those don't currently exist. For now, all we have are pictures and a short video clip. But at least those are arresting.

AK Motors

"Climate-friendly driving" — The company says it expects to be able to secure funding for its projects from the Canadian government because of its focus on "climate-friendly driving" and green technologies.

"Maple Majestic will be as friendly to the environment as it will be friendly to drive in difficult environments," the company says, adding that while it realizes the importance of rugged batteries, reliable drivetrains, and the other trappings of vehicle design, it intends to focus especially on "extreme weather driving dynamics," and "occupant hospitality."

AK Motors

Peep the proportions — Kaminski says the Maple Majestic shouldn't be thought of as a sedan, but rather as a "supercar with four doors." He also argues that building a supercar-proportioned vehicle is greener than making an SUV, because the increased height of the latter also results in additional drag, and thus lower efficiency.

At the same time, he recognizes that people can't get enough of SUVs... so the compromise is to equip the Maple Majestic with adjustable ride height suspension. He claims this — along with an extended 122-inch wheelbase — should also make the Maple Majestic more adept at traversing snow, and that the "uncluttered roof" will make for better handling in crosswinds.

AK Motors

Canada rising — "Canadians have accepted that electric cars are the future. Maple Majestic is an opportunity for Canada to not just embrace the technology but to also play an active role in bringing electric vehicles to the world market," Kaminski says. "We didn’t invent the electric car, but we are here to make it civilized."