Very F#

Building a Death Star? Roland's got the perfect piano for it

Available in black, black or black.

One of the reliable highlights of CES is the range of outlandish concepts on display. Now look, we love a concept car, console, or phone as much as the next tech journalist, but Roland's upped the ante with its utterly ridiculous, irrationally desirable, GPX-F1 Facet Grand Piano.

Polygons all over the place, a high-gloss finish, and a projector in the base that paints the wholly superfluous lid with multicolored projections synced to the music, all come together in this beautiful hunk of dystopian industrial design. It'd make the perfect centerpiece for a billionaire villain's lair (though, Musk's probably more interested in dystopian baby cribs, right now).

So dark. So pointy.Roland

Prize-winning design — Roland put out a call for "concert grand piano" designs and the GPX-F1 Facet is the winning entry from designer Jong Chan Kim. Last year, Roland set about making it and decided, not unreasonably, that Las Vegas would be the perfect place to show it off.

Of course it has Alexa — Above the keyboard, there's a screen running Android that lets users display digital music scores or do online lessons. Roland's Zenbeats app is built-in, so you can sex up your Prokofiev renditions with some 808s. And which internet-connected device would be complete without a digital assistant? In this instance, it's Alexa.

Sadly, Roland's not selling the Facet. At least not yet. We're sure the company will reconsider if the price is right. All we want to know, though, is whether it'll fit in the back of a Cybertruck.