The best trendy handmade rugs you need right now

No one ever expected Gen Z to become the next generation of tufters. But in the age of DIY, Zoomers are threading the needle on a new form of home decor.

@neverthesameco Frank Ocean 4ft rug

There are hundreds of rug makers on Instagram, eBay, and Etsy. From celebrity faces to sneakers to any other artwork imaginable, rugs are the ultimate piece of decor these days.

And not only do they look great on the floor, some people choose to display them on the wall. After all, rugs this amazing don’t deserve to be stepped — or slept — on.

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“Polo Ralph Lauren Tennis Bear”

Though this is part of a bigger Ralph Lauren bear series, this shop accepts custom orders of “any design within reason.” Its commissions also reopen on March 14.