Bape drops a free coloring book to save you from yourself amid COVID-19

Download the pages full of Baby Milo.

Bape has stepped up with a solution for your isolation-induced madness, and it doesn't even involve retail therapy. The Japanese streetwear brand has released a free downloadable coloring book perfect for adults looking for something, anything to do for children who are budding hypebeasts.

Entertain yourself — Baby Milo is the star of the show, as the coloring book depicts Bape's signature character stuck at home just like the rest of us. The first page thanks frontline workers as it depicts Baby Milo and friends wearing face masks. Once it's colored in, tape it onto your window as your own way of saying thanks and announcing to the world that you're a shameless hypebeast.

Perhaps I'm projecting, but another one of the pages looks like Baby Milo is staring out from his home and into the void while wondering when he'll get to drink a Tecate with a Tinder date at the bar around the corner. He longs for the sweet taste of a lime in his beer and of intimacy, even if only fleeting. He lets out a sigh as he realizes he hasn't seen a woman in months.

Craft with Bape — The coloring book, which you can download right here, follows Bape's release of two papercraft kits. Two printable patterns have been made available, allowing you to cut and fold your way to creating a Baby Milo and a the brand's Air Force 1-inspired Bapesta sneaker. All together, these three activities could have your room, or your child's, flush with homemade Bape artwork. Even if Bape is no longer as cool as it once was, it sure beats falling into the mania that inspired the paragraph proceeding this one.