A24 turns the ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ butt plug trophy into a candle

Don’t worry, it doesn’t smell how you may think.

A24 is continuing its partnership with Joya Candle in the shape of something rather crass — although ass may be the better word to use here. Following the duo’s movie-genre-themed candles launched in 2018, they’ve teamed up on a “butt plug trophy” candle inspired by the production company’s latest film, Everything Everywhere All at Once.

In the movie, which stars Jamie Lee Curtis as sullen IRS agent Deirdre Beaubeirdre, butt plugs are treated as trophies for dealing with the IRS, an experience likened to the perhaps painful, perhaps pleasurable feeling of the sex toy. The anal “Auditor Trophy” basically serves as an award you can shove up your, you know, — and now, proudly display on your shelves.

Got a light? — As the handmade candle depicts a butt plug trophy — not a butt plug itself, although its function seems to be retained — it smells better than you may initially imagine. Made of 100-percent beeswax, the decor features notes of sage leaf, suede, lime, and lily of the valley, as well as fleur d’oranger, white musk, and lavender. A24 describes this scent on its website as “an unorthodox multi-sensory experience… with a hint of dryer sheet scent.” So fresh and so clean.


Hopefully, the wick found at the tip of the decor is enough to keep people from actually, well, taking advantage of the butt plug shape, but you never know. The all-black candle stands 11 centimeters wide and 22 centimeters tall, for reference. Everyone knows size doesn’t matter, however, it’s how you use it — and preferably, you use it for burning instead of plugging.

Have some cl(ass)— Themed packaging helps make the butt plug candle more of a collectible than a contraption. A clean white box, decorated with a blue and gold “Auditor of the Month” ribbon, houses the decor but can also as decor itself — perhaps to conceal the candle when your parents visit. Googly eyes at the top of the box, another nod to Everything Everywhere All at Once, completes the laughable merch.

Shoppers can preorder “The Auditor Trophy” candle at A24’s online store for $60, with delivery expected in early August. In the meantime, there are plenty of Everything Everywhere products to satiate fans, including Hot Dog Finger Gloves, Googly Eyes, a multiverse book, and more.