A-Cold-Wall* encourages DIY apparel with “open-source” hardware

Buckles, zipper pulls, and more from the utilitarian brand.

One of the most exciting developments in streetwear over the past couple years has been the encouragement of DIY apparel. The sentiment has spread from the top down, with Virgil Abloh encouraging people to use his Nike collaborations as building blocks or even recreate them entirely, and Nicole Mclaughlin emerging as a hybrid artist/designer for her upcycled customs. Full-fledged brands like Online Ceramics and Bode, on the more upscale end, maintain homemade aesthetics.

There’s no shortage of inspiration for anyone to start creating their own garments, and A-Cold-Wall* is here to provide even more building blocks.

A-Cold-Wall*’s contribution — The British label founded by former Abloh protégé Samuel Ross has launched a capsule of “open-source” hardware for customers to create their own gear. The 30-piece collection is comprised of buckles, metal badges, zipper pulls, and elastic cords with stoppers. Even the least artistically inclined among us could hit the army surplus store for a cheap webbed belt to swap out buckles, but the exciting part will be seeing what else people come up with.

“A Cold-Wall* hardware packages enable individuals the opportunity to access brand intellectual property,” the brand said upon launch. “Open-source as a philosophy brings forth conscious brand values that have the capacity to directly enhance interaction between individual and brand.” Those values include Ross’ upbringing in working-class London and exposure to street culture. By offering this hardware, he creates a lower cost barrier for the brand while encouraging his audience to develop some of the skills that enabled his career.

Get to work — You can buy the hardware now on A-Cold-Wall*’s site. Prices range from $26 for the plastic buckles up to $40 for the metal badges. The only question left is what do you got?