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You only have 4 days left to own one of the greatest sci-fi movies ever for $5

Star Wars wouldn't exist without this Stanley Kubrick masterpiece.

An astronaut with a gold visor and white spacesuit under pink and blue lighting

Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey isn’t just a movie. It’s a masterpiece. A slow-burning cinematic delight that demands every frame to be appreciated because of Kubrick’s obsessive attention to detail. Film buffs frequently regard it as a perfect movie. It's rare to get that kind of acclaim from film snobs.

To not own 2001 in your movie collection is to ignore its impact on modern cinema. Can you really call yourself a true nerd or geek if you’ve never seen 2001? Normally a $17.99 download, the Microsoft Store has slashed this classic down to $4.99 for the next five days.

Released in 1968, long before George Lucas and Steven Spielberg revolutionized Hollywood with CGI, 2001: A Space Odyssey transformed science fiction movies with its convincing practical effects. Without 2001, there may never have been Star Wars, Gravity, or [insert your favorite movie that takes place in space].

The digital download comes in 4K UHD resolution for that extra crispy pixel goodness and works on any device that supports the Movies Anyway website or app. Unless you got some old-ass Windows Mobile or BlackBerry phone (in which case you should seriously consider upgrading to something that isn’t a relic), your iOS or Android phone or tablet, or laptop or computer (doesn’t really matter which OS so long as you got a web browser) should play it fine.

Get educated on the monolith and HAL 9000. Streaming and renting is for suckers. Own your content and you can watch it over and over forever. You can thank us next time when you impress all your TikTok-famous friends at Zoom trivia night. Your parents will probably love you more for just knowing something from the boomer age.

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