Wham!'s 'Last Christmas' gets a 4K facelift

Shoulder pads never looked so good.

Wham!’s unimpeachable “Last Christmas” music video has somehow become even better, thanks to a 4K remaster arriving 35 years later. The stunning high definition takes us right back to 1984 and renders George Michael’s mullet in such detail matched only by Billy’s in Stranger Things.

Of course, that’s just one of many details to re-enjoy in rich quality. The fashion, the snowball fight, the brooch that may have you rethinking your own Christmas gifts: all of it is breathtaking when freed from fuzz from 35 years prior.

The original clip has garnered more than 480 million views since it was first uploaded to Wham!’s YouTube page in 2009. With the 4K version already closing in on 4.5 million views in just three days, we’ll see how much volume this snowball can pick up as it rolls downhill to run you over with nostalgia.