Uber rolls out PIN codes to prevent riders from getting into the wrong car

Passengers can opt into the new safety feature to verify their rides.

Uber riders nationwide will now be able to enable a security feature that requires drivers to confirm trips using a verification pin. It was first introduced in December of last year but only in select markets.

“Whether it’s because of a busy location or a late night, we’ve heard from drivers that it’s sometimes hard to verify that you’re picking up the right rider. That’s why we’re introducing PIN verification,” said Uber in a blog post.

The feature requires drivers to enter a unique four-digit PIN number to confirm passengers are in the right vehicle. Drivers will have five attempts to enter the PIN correctly. Once the PIN is entered correctly by the driver, the trip will begin.

How did we get here? — This is the latest safety measure introduced by Uber following the tragic death of 21-year-old Samantha Josephson. Josephson was killed after getting into the vehicle of a man impersonating an Uber driver.

In December, Uber released its first safety report detailing information pertaining to incidents on the platform. And, the figures are concerning, to say the least. Uber, however, insists it’s working on improving safety for passengers and drivers alike.

“We’re constantly pushing to do more on safety. We’re rolling out new features that allow riders to verify their driver with a secure PIN code, send a text message directly to 911 operators, and report safety incidents to Uber before their trip is even over,” said Tony West, chief legal officer for Uber in a news release surrounding the report.