Tinder for Bananas is the only site you need right now

The world is a lot. Why not swipe some bananas?

I should start by telling you that there are very important things happening in the world and that there are very important articles you could be reading and this is not one of them.

That said, there’s Tinder for bananas. Someone bought the domain “” and made a Tinder clone with pictures of bananas and now you can swipe on them. Why would I want to swipe on bananas? You might think, to which I have one thing to say: they have APPEAL!

Tinder for Bananas is not very advanced. Just like in real life, you won’t match with anyone, but it’s not because of who you are, it’s just that there’s no “match” feature.

You will quickly exhaust your dating pool. There appear to only be four options on Tinder for Bananas, and one is plantain and another is a scammer (actually an orange) who is only 12! It’s unclear whether this age refers to days or years.

These bananas don’t need Tinder apparently.Shutterstock

Before you get upset that someone built this entire site and paid money for a domain only to provide four bananas options, remind yourself that all Cavendish bananas are genetic clones, anyway. Despite all your deliberation, you only really have the illusion of choice here. Plus, were you really going to spend your day swiping left or right on pictures of bananas?!

The code, which was “Made with 🍌 by Surma” is publicly available on Github, so you could probably fork it and add more bananas. One holding up a fish could be nice, right? It also could be cool to let people add their own pictures of bananas, but I suppose it could get NSFW quickly (unpeeled bananas, penises, etc...) and then you’d have to create a neural network to distinguish bananas from “bananas,” which turns this pointless project into two pointless projects. You could also just give up on meeting bananas online and go back to grocery store produce sections.