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Obsessive about the ways the world is changing, how society is shaping up (or breaking down), and about what's coming next that really matters. So we found a way to feed that obsession (and yours, hopefully).

All week long, Input/Output will dig further into our features, reviews, essays, reported pieces, and more. By hearing from the editors and writers behind the headlines, we’ll unpack unseen context, share valuable insight, and give voice to points of view that illuminate and enhance your understanding of a future that’s just up ahead.

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Episode #1: Thank god for the internet / Social media makes chronic pain a little less hellish

In the age of coronavirus, the internet has become more important than ever in terms of how we work, how we play, and how we socialize. It’s hard to imagine living through this pandemic without it. Input editor-in-chief Joshua Topolsky recently wrote an ode to our current way of life called “Thank god for the internet.” He joins us to discuss his essay.

Living with chronic pain is hell. Oftentimes, doctors don’t have the answers, so people with chronic illnesses, especially the invisible kind, turn to social media for advice and support. Input news editor Cheyenne MacDonald, who suffers from chronic pain herself, recently wrote about the importance of the internet in her life. She joins us to discuss.

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