Post Malone gifts 10K pairs of his hyped Crocs to healthcare workers

In partnership with Crocs and nonprofit Musicians on Call.

Kurt Krieger - Corbis/Corbis Entertainment/Getty Images

Somewhere between the pandemic and the “rigged” election, Crocs unassumingly made their way into mainstream fashion. The rubber slippers slowly amassed an A-list fan club, later collaborating with stars like Justin Bieber and Bad Bunny. No celebrity, however, is a bigger Croc fan than Post Malone, who’s now sharing his (Croc) wealth with healthcare professionals.

As a rockstar, Posty is used to long days spent rehearsing or touring. But with the pandemic canceling music events and exhausting healthcare workers’ days even more than before, the artist has decided to share some of his comfort. About 10,000 pairs of his "Duet Max Clog II" will be distributed to frontline workers around the country, giving them a little more everyday ease — or cash, should they choose to resell the coveted Crocs.

Charitable Crocs — Other than being the unofficial face of Crocs, Post Malone has another connection here. The artist has been working with nonprofit Musicians on Call (MOC), which brings live and recorded music to the bedside of patients in health care facilities. While it doesn’t look like Posty himself will be putting on a show, MOC and the Crocs brand are helping him distribute his custom Crocs.

Brynn Marr Hospital & Musicians On Call

"The stress of the pandemic on staff in all areas of the hospital has been unrelenting and we have been doing what we can to continue bringing them the joy of live music," MOC president and CEO Pete Griffin said in a statement. "We are so grateful to Post Malone and Crocs for joining us in providing even more relief when they need it the most through this generous donation. Thanks to them, caregivers at 70 hospitals nationwide will have the added support of their Crocs to help them through their day."

Host Malone — There’s no better Croc collaborator to lead this project. Posty could very well be credited with starting the entire Croc movement. As one of the brand’s first VIP collaborators, the artist classified the shoe as an effortless streetstyle staple.

Post Malone x Crocs

The Duet Max Clog II marks Malone's fifth collaboration with the company. Released just last December, the shoes originally ran for $60, and like proceeding pairs, sold out in minutes. Fans couldn’t get enough of the unisex clog, featuring a black and pink colorway, chunky outsole, adjustable backstraps, and Post Malone-branded Jibbitz and lanyard clips.

It’s unclear if frontline workers will receive Posty’s Jibbitz alongside their Crocs, or if they’ll have to accessorize with their own. Either way, they’ve got a powerful shoe on their hands (or rather, feet). The Duet Max Clog II is reselling for up to $200, making it possible for owners to make a profit off of Posty. But whether healthcare workers value the shoe for its comfort or its capital, we hope it brings a little more cushioning to their everyday life. It’s well-deserved.